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For about thirty years, Jolene has been the dental hygienist for almost everyone in our extended family. We jokingly say that we are her devotees, but we really are! Jolene has a beautiful spirit, a deep caring and positivity toward life that come through her work.

I know that the qualities Jolene brings to her long-time dental hygiene practice — enthusiasm and appreciating life and people; immense integrity; sensitivity and empathy; and incredible competence, understanding, and skill — translate beautifully into her work with the elderly and her work to support and educate caregivers of the elderly.

My own experience is that Jolene creates a sense of teamwork in taking care of the health of the teeth, gums, and mouth. Over the years, Jolene has taught me how to take excellent care of my teeth, which has been very satisfying to me.

Recently, Jolene came to see my mother, who has advanced dementia. My mother seemed to remember the deep trust she always had with Jolene and was very relaxed as Jolene gently worked her way into my mother’s mouth. Jolene was able to clean her teeth in a way that hadn’t been possible for quite some time, and to pinpoint some possible problems developing, which Jolene communicated to my mother’s caregivers.

It is a great blessing to be within the circle of Jolene’s very, very competent and loving care. 

~ Marian G.

The fact that Jolene has been my dental hygienist for over 20 years indicates how much I value her services.  Her personal commitment to good dental health is readily apparent in the high level of care and attention she consistently provides.  Her professional and personal “chairside manner” make her a perfect fit for serving the homebound and elderly.        

~Sue E.

Often Jolene would say, “Let’s keep an eye on that pocket” and sure enough six months later at the start of the next appointment she had notes to know just where to look. I can trust Jolene to conscientiously give good continuing care.

~Don D.

Our family of six has seen Jolene for 25 years for all our dental hygiene needs. Our great allegiance to Jolene is based on her consummate professional expertise, her genuine compassion for each and every client. Jolene has been “on call” for us 24/7, whether it’s a child in another state with a dental crisis, or a pair of abandoned cats whose owner in long-term care has died.

As an R.N. working in a long-term care environment, I celebrate Jolene’s proverbial “heart of gold”. She has spoken for years of her concern for the oral health of elderly residents of nursing homes. And, it is a complete joy to see Jolene actualize her dream of providing “in-house” care for the elderly. I also look forward to attending Jolene’s educational in-service training for staff. She may single-handedly change the future dental health prognosis for Santa Fe’s older generation! 


Over the years I have benefited from Jolene’s skill, knowledge, and advice in caring for my teeth and gums. But what has impressed me the most is her dedication to every patient she sees. Jolene is a combination of true care and professionalism.

~Janice E.

I travel from California to New Mexico to have Jolene clean my teeth since I am an extremely sensitive patient. She is painless and thorough which helps keep me calm and relaxed.

~Donna M.

Wear a smile and have friends; wear a scowl and have wrinkles.
~ George Eloit

Jolene Vandolah, RDH

Registered Dental Hygienist
in Collaborative Practice

New Mexico License #DH 862

505-603-0040  Right click to copy email address